As iManage continues to grow, both as a product and a company, one challenge we are faced with is learning how to maintain a consistent style and visual language across all areas of our products.

The goals of this Style Guide are

  • to define general design rules and common visual design elements
  • to ensure that all of our applications share a common look and feel
  • to create a usable solutions and reuse them across company‚Äôs products

As a result we are expecting:

To Reduce a Cost of Design:

The time required to design of the user interface will be reduced because basic guidelines are clearly documented, tools are shared, and best practice guidance is available for other decisions

To Improve Process:

User interface will be able to work together better because shared design guidelines are available. Initial designs will be more effective, with less re-work to solve usability problems required.

To Improve Usability:

The user experience will be improved, both for the designers and users. Designers will have the satisfaction of creating excellent interfaces, while users will benefit from increased usability.

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